Vision Statement

LEADCO aims to be a leading Training Provider in Competency Development for Law Enforcement officers through the offering and provision of training, education, development, equipment and resources along with quality assurance in the Public Security Sector, locally and regionally. LEADCO foresees a strong institution which creates and offers a platform for partnership with Accredited Institutions and to offer programmes in law enforcement and other related areas leading to improved workplace performance.

Mission Statement

To provide up to date material on a continuous basis to customers through the provision of learning opportunities and the supply of equipment and resources geared to develop the competencies required of law enforcement officers and staff of the protective services in keeping with the latest technological advancements and the demands for the Administration of Justice.

Who we are

LEADCO is a business registered and based in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago. We are an established company in the Trinidad but service the entire Caribbean region from Guyana & Suriname in the South to the British Virgin Islands in the North inclusive of the Dutch Caribbean islands and the United Kingdom Overseas Territories.

LEADCO prides itself as a specialist in competency development in the area of Law Enforcement for the Public and Private Security Sector,
“Competency leads to Efficiency and Proficiency”.

LEADCO sole purpose is to provide those working in the Law Enforcement Sector with the knowledge, skills and tools / resources necessary to aid in the execution of their duties as it relates to improving their deliverables with the Administration of Justice.

LEADCO specialises in the design and delivery of competency development training and the supply of quality materials and resources necessary to enable the operators to perform their functions in a professional and effective manner, more so in all the disciplines of Crime Scene Investigation and CSI Development programmes at various levels, Digital Photography at various Levels, Forensic Investigations, Criminal Investigations at various Levels, Use of Force and Firearm training at various level, Cyber Crime Training at various levels and Driving Courses.

Staffed by a cadre of  certified, qualified and competent ex-members from the Ministry of National Security (Police and National Security Agencies), with experience totalling a few hundred years and who spent the last fifteen (15) years designing and delivering current and accredited training, and who is also supported by international Subject Matter Experts in various fields of Law Enforcement. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and, therefore fully understands the problems and difficulties encountered by our customers in the region. Also having association and alignment through Accreditation and delivery of training initiatives with several international bodies, College of Policing – UK, UNLIREC, EduQual – UK and the Regional Security Systems (RSS) – Barbados.

It is for this reason that, LEADCO have decided to invest in training, development and acquiring new products and services that allow our customers around the Caribbean region to access and improve their deliverables leading to greater detection, apprehension and successful prosecution of those individuals who choose to live outside the law.

LEADCO commits to customer care and attention to detail, which means we are constantly seeking to improve on our design  and delivery of our training packages and with the supply of the best equipment possible to aid our customers in the never ending fight against crime. We can therefore boast the delivery of Accredited Training (providing Knowledge, Skills, Education through Academic Accreditation and Occupational Standards) along with the supply of Consumables and Equipment from some of the Sector’s leading suppliers who are all ISO Accredited companies from throughout the United Kingdom and the Unites States of America.