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LEADCO is a business registered
and based in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago. We are an established
company in the Trinidad but service the entire Caribbean region from Guyana
& Suriname in the South to the British Virgin Islands in the North
inclusive of the Dutch Caribbean islands and the United Kingdom Overseas

LEADCO prides itself as a
specialist in competency development in the area of Law Enforcement for the Public
and Private Security Sector, “Competency leads to Efficiency and Proficiency”.
 LEADCO sole purpose is to provide those
working in the Law Enforcement Sector with the knowledge, skills and tools /
resources necessary to aid in the execution of their duties as it relates to
improving their deliverables with the Administration of Justice.

LEADCO specialises in the design and delivery of
competency development training and the supply of quality materials and
resources necessary to enable the operators to perform their functions in a
professional and effective manner, more so in all the disciplines of Crime
Scene Investigation and CSI Development programmes at various levels, Digital
Photography at various Levels, Forensic Investigations, Criminal Investigations
at various Levels, Use of Force and Firearm training at various level, Cyber
Crime Training at various levels and Driving Courses.

We design and deliver Training and Development in the Law Enforcement Sector and is a major Supplier of high – quality Consumables and Equipment in Forensic Science and other areas of Law Enforcement.

We are passionate about helping you to solve crime through the provision of Accredited Occupational Standard based Training and innovative and high – quality equipment and supplies. All our products are especially designed for use in the field of Law Enforcement.